What to eat in Puerto Morelos?

tikin xic

Puerto Morelos is a dreamlike destination for all travelers and also it makes competition to Cancun, Playa del Carmen y Tulum.

This is because this place is surrounded by nature; here you can find more than 10 cenotes, the second world’s largest coral barrier and even sunken ships that you can explore doing snorkeling.

Really, here you will find lots of things to do and if you don’t believe me, check this out. Still, today we won’t talk about every wonder of Puerto Morelos, today’s topic will be: what to eat in Puerto Morelos?

What to eat in Puerto Morelos?

Puerto Morelos is a fisher town and therefore its gastronomy has lots of sea products, still, it has other kinds of food to enjoy.


If you’re a pizza lover then you will find the best ones in Puerto Morelos! Apart from the traditional ones, you can find the delicious Lobster Pizza.

lobster pizza puerto morelos

Food from Yucatan

Another gastronomic offer that you’ll find is the typical food from Yucatan like Kibis, empanadas, gorditas with pork rind, panuchos, quesadillas, sopes, salbutes, etc.

yucatecan food puerto morelos


As we said before, much of the gastronomic scene of Puerto Morelos is seafood and for that, you’ll find dishes like ceviche, fish, shrimps, etc.


Tikin Xic

Another one of the delicious dishes that you’ll find is the Tikin Xic Fish; it’s considered the main dish of the whole Yucatan Peninsula.


Who doesn’t like pasta? Well, if you are a pasta lover, for sure you’ll find the best ones.

pasta puerto morelos

Tuetano or Marrow

Marrow has become a traditional Mexican dish for a while now, principally in the north of Mexico but came to stay in Puerto Morelos, you have to try it, it’s yummy!

tuetano casa del puerto


Still, there are other kinds of international cuisines like Italian, French, Chinese and many others. Don’t forget to visit El Faro Restaurant in Casa del Puerto Hotel!


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