What to do in Tulum

What to do in Tulum

What to do in Tulum

Tulum is an essential place, we bet it is on the bucket list and in the itinerary of anyone who comes to Riviera Maya, and this is because, among so many things that make this place a unique one, Tulum has really good vibes, a friendly atmosphere, and beautiful beaches. That is why we have decided to give you some tips about what to do in Tulum, let’s begin!

1.- Visit Tulum’s Archaeological Ruins.

The archaeological zone of Tulum is one of the most representative places and it is visited by thousands of tourists each year. It once was the most important fishing port for the Mayan culture. Its principal edification, known as “the castle” or “el Castillo”, rises on top of a rocky cliff above the beautiful blue beaches, making it a perfect spot for taking pictures.

Archaeological Ruins of Tulum

2.- Tour the Hotel Zone on a bike.

One of the activities that you can not miss is to take a tour through the coast of Tulum on a bike, while you enjoy the tropical weather, in the end, you can refresh yourself on one of its astonishing beaches, we recommend you to visit: Playa Paraíso, Papaya Playa, Posada Margarita, and Coco Tulum.

Tour by bike in Tulum

3.- Watch the sunset.

Sunsets in Tulum are magical, relax, recharge yourself of good vibes and enjoy this beautiful moment while you listen to the sound of the waves, treat yourself with a good refreshing drink and good company.

Sunsets in Tulum

4.- Go to an electro-music event.

In this place, several electro-music events take place, most of them at the sea’s shore. If you like to dance and also enjoy different thematic scenarios in a tropical atmosphere, then this is your place. Some of the most known events are Zamna, Sound Tulum, XX Winter Beach, Esto es Tulum, Tulum Live Music Festival, Day Zero and much more. You can not miss this opportunity!

Thematic Scenarios in Tulum

5.- Visit the Sian Ka’aan Natural Reserve.

The Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve, which means Gate to Heaven, is a protected natural area located very close to Tulum. Here you can find wide beaches with soft white sand, mangroves, some small bays, and other ecosystems. Its main feature is that the ground is made of pure limestone, which favors the cenote’s existence. Another attraction are the “petenes”, which are sets of tree masses that can measure up to 30 meters.

Sian Ka'an Natural Reserve

6.- Visit the sculpture to mother nature.

This beautiful sculpture to Mother Earth is located at the entrance of Ahua Tulum Hotel, it was made by the Southafrican sculptor Daniel Popper, who has made other sculptures of this kind on many other places of the world. Is has become a trend on social media for being so impressive, you will be amazed!

Sculpture to Mother Earth

We hope that these 6 activities about what to do in Tulum have helped you to plan your next visit to this paradise. Likewise, if you would like to stay at the Riviera Maya for a couple of days, do not forget to book your room at Hotel Casa del Puerto in Puerto Morelos.

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