What to do a weekend in Puerto Morelos

what to do a weekend in puerto morelos

What to do a weekend in Puerto Morelos? A weekend is not enough to enjoy this beautiful place but to leave us wanting to come back. In this article, we will give you some tips to make the most of your short, but adventurous stay in Puerto Morelos.

What to do a weekend in Puerto Morelos?

For those who do not yet know Puerto Morelos is the beginning of the Riviera Maya, and despite being a small fishing village, it has among its surroundings the best luxury hotels, for adults, and family.

Also to be a very economical place, it has very close to its beaches the second largest reef in the world, where you can practice snorkeling or diving.

what to do a weekend in puerto morelos


A weekend in Puerto Morelos lends itself to spend it on the beaches, enjoying the sea, the sun, and the sand.
However, one of the activities you can’t miss is snorkeling.

Puerto Morelos with very quiet beaches has various places to snorkel, but if you want to live an unforgettable experience we recommend visiting the second largest coral reef in the world, where you can see up close the diversity of its colorful marine flora and fauna that make it unique.

snorkel in puerto morelos

As you can see in the image the marine life is amazing and taking a snorkeling tour would not take you more than 4 to 5 hours.

This will allow you to do the second activity during your weekend.

Delight Gastronomy

gastronomy in puerto morelos

After snorkeling in the refreshing waters of Puerto Morelos, it is normal for you to be hungry, and that is precisely what brings us to the second activity at the weekend.

Puerto Morelos is a fishing town, so most of its cuisine is based on fish, shrimp, lobsters, etc.

The advantage here is that most places offer fresh seafood, with a unique and traditional flavor of the area.

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Spend an afternoon on the beach

Another of the things you can do in Puerto Morelos after enjoying a delicious lunch is to sit or lie on the sand, relax, and enjoy the sunsets on the beach.

Because here the sunsets are very beautiful and also is enjoying the tranquility of the beaches is priceless.

Discover the cenotes route

cenotes route in puerto morelos

To finish your weekend in the best way, what you can do on Sunday is to travel the cenotes route, where you will find open, and closed cenotes that will make you live a natural adventure like no other.

Among the cenotes we recommend you to visit is the cenote La Noria, las Mojarras, Boca del Puma and Jardín del Eden.

Enjoy the cultural shows on the Malecon

And as the last activity in this adventurer weekend, nothing better than enjoying the cultural shows that take place in the Malecon and main square of Puerto Morelos on Sunday afternoons.

If you want to enjoy this small town, we recommend that you stay at least 3 to 4 days, and what better than at Casa del Puerto Hotel, where you can have a variety of amenities to make your stay more pleasant.


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