Puerto Morelos Botanical Garden

botanical garden of puerto morelos

You may be wondering if in addition to the beaches, and the cenotes that more can be done in Puerto Morelos because there are many things to discover in this charming fishing village, and among them is the Puerto Morelos Botanical Garden.

botanical garden of puerto morelos


Puerto Morelos Botanical Garden: The largest in the Mexican Republic

It was founded in 1982, and over time it became a living museum of more than 60 hectares.

It became the largest and most important botanical garden in Mexico, with multiple sections that are divided according to the type of plant: cacti, ornamental, palms, medicinal, among others.

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puerto morelos botanical garden

And although they look like research centers and instruments for plant conservation, and associated species, beyond that it is a learning space for children and adults.

Also to lovers of eco-tourism and nature, in the Botanical Garden, you can immerse yourself in a dream as you travel its paths. Dare to live a stimulating experience, connect with nature, and learn more about the Mayan culture.


botanical garden in puerto morelos

And the place also has a chiclero camp, reading cabin, archeological zone, natural park, and suspension bridges. As you will see, it is not just any garden.

So on your next vacation, you have to know the Puerto Morelos Botanical Garden with the whole family.

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