The Great Reef at Puerto Morelos

The Great Reef at Puerto Morelos

Have you heard about the Great Coral Reef of Australia? Did you know that here, in Riviera Maya there is another Great Reef? It is the second-largest in the world and it goes through many beautiful points, so today we are going to talk about the Great Reef at Puerto Morelos.

The Great Reef at Puerto Morelos

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The Great Reef at Puerto Morelos.

Puerto Morelos is a small town located 30 minutes away from Cancun, which is halfway to Playa del Carmen. In this town, 500 meters offshore lies the reason why its sea seems to be a big natural pool; a big part of the reef of Puerto Morelos, which was named Puerto Morelos Reef National Park.

The Puerto Morelos Reef National Park.

This national park belongs to the Coral Reef named Great Western Atlantic Reef Belt in Riviera Maya, which is the second-largest in the world. It was decreed as National Park on February 1998 and has an area of 9066 hectares, also it is a protected area for being the home of thousands of sea species such as loggerhead and Carey turtles, 264 algae species, several moose-horn, and deer-horn corals, and lots of colorful fishes.

Fishes at Puerto Morelos Reef

Depending on the season you can even find catsharks, rays, and jellyfish. Still, as we said before, this barrier is the reason why the town’s beach is so calm and shallow, because the natural park act also as a barrier for the big and strong waves, plus it is a protector for hurricanes and tsunamis by stopping strong ocean currents.

Is it possible to visit this place?

Absolutely! Each year hundreds of tourists visit this reef thanks to the many tour agencies that offer their services, still, it is important to mention that if you are planning to take one of these tours, make sure it is from a certified agency. It is important to take care of this national park because each year, also, sea contamination increases and stop coral growth, that is why tourism is controlled in here.

Tour to Puerto Morelos Reef

We can tell now that you are willing to visit and discover the Great Reef at Puerto Morelos, do not forget that if you are also willing to stay for several days your best option for lodging is Hotel Casa del Puerto, you will love it!

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