Diving at Puerto Morelos

diving at puerto morelos

Puerto Morelos is a place that houses an incredible infinite peace and a true daring of adventures, and proof of them are the sunken ships where you can practice Diving in Puerto Morelos.

diving puerto morelos

Diving is one of the best activities you can not miss

The experience of diving into the second largest reef in the world and being able to appreciate marine flora and fauna is priceless.

In Puerto Morelos, you can find sunken ships that will make your experience in the marine world even more exciting.

But, one a moment, before you prepare to look for treasures on the beaches of Puerto Morelos, let me tell you that the C-56 Juan Escutia Gunship was one of many ships that sank with treasures.

This ship was deliberately sunk on October 28, 2000, as an “artificial reef” and is 30 meters deep and about 2 km off the coast of Puerto Morelos.



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But this is not the only place where you can dive in Puerto Morelos since being close to the second largest barrier in the world, diving in the Reefs has also become one of the trends of this place.

So don’t hesitate, and book your stay in Puerto Morelos right now, and go on an adventure!


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