Croco Cun Interactive Zoo

Crocodile in Croco Cun Interactive Zoo

Just five minutes before arriving Puerto Morelos, there is an interactive park that tourists love to visit; Croco Cun Interactive Zoo, which is a place in the middle of the jungle and where you can find lots of local animal species and plants. If you want to know more about this place, keep reading!

Croco Cun Interactive Zoo

Everything you need to know about Croco Cun Interactive Zoo.

As we said before, very near to Puerto Morelos there is a Park named Croco Cun Interactive Zoo, it is located in the middle of the jungle, still, it is very easy to get there by only taking the Cancun-Tulum road. The options to move there are the basic ones: you can take a taxi, a van from Playa Express or you can get there by car for there is a secure parking lot to leave it.

Croco Cun Parking Lot

This place is full of magnificent local animal species that go from crocodiles, snakes, spider monkeys, turtles, deers and much more. The way it works is by taking a tour guided by a specialist in zoology, veterinary and biology, also capable to speak in different languages so everybody can understand.

Spider Monekys in Croco Cun Interactive Zoo

During the tour, which lasts from 60 to 75 minutes, you as a visitor will be able to see, touch and feed several kinds of animals, you can even walk between crocodiles if you feel brave enough!

Also, you will learn the importance of these animals to the environment, how the zoo staff takes care of them and you will be part of that!

Croco Cun Staff taking care of animals

Another important thing to note is that this is not a zoo where animals are trapped in a cage, most of the species here were rescued and brought by the authorities, other were saved from horrible situations of captives.

This Interactive Zoo is open all week from 9 am to 5 pm, and the entrance costs 470 Mexican Pesos for adults and 315 for kids.

Croco Cun in Puerto Morelos

If you decide to go the Croco Cun Interactive Zoo do not forget to visit Puerto Morelos and discover its beautiful beaches and friendly atmosphere, you can even stay for a few days at Hotel Casa del Puerto, you will love it!

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