5 Best Restaurants in Puerto Morelos

best restaurants in puerto morelos

One of the things you can not miss on your visit to Puerto Morelos is to enjoy the delicious traditional cuisine of this fishing village. That’s why in this article we will tell you the 5 best restaurants in Puerto Morelos for your next visit. So let’s start!

5 best restaurants in Puerto Morelos

Puerto Morelos is one of the most beautiful municipalities in the state of Quintana Roo. It is characterized by being a small, picturesque place, with excellent seafood, and quiet beaches. It is the ideal place to rest, and recharge batteries to continue the routine.

There are many activities you can do, but a mandatory one is to enjoy the food of this small town in the Mexican Caribbean.

5 best restaurants in puerto morelos

El Faro Restaurant

El Faro restaurant is one of the main places where you can enjoy delicious Mexican and Sea cuisine; Also, all their dishes are made with fresh ingredients.

This restaurant has a mixologist who will make you enjoy tropical drinks ideal to combine with your dishes or simply sunbathe in the garden and observe the view like no other.

el faro restaurant puerto morelos

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La Playita Restaurant

Do you like to feel the sand on your feet? Well, La Playita is the ideal restaurant for you. This restaurant in Puerto Morelos is just 200 meters from the boardwalk.

Some of its advantages are that you can enjoy a delicious fried fish, ceviche or a very cold beer while enjoying the best view of the Caribbean Sea.


la playita restaurant puerto morelos

La Sirena Restaurant

La Sirena is a restaurant that since its opening in February 2014, became one of the most popular, visited and valued restaurants in the municipality.

This place can boast of being among the best places to eat in Puerto Morelos, such as El Faro restaurant and Punta Corcho restaurant.

la sirena restaurant puerto morelos

Wanna Pizza

Are you a Pizza lover? Wanna Pizza is the ideal restaurant for you, and you don’t need to know the address, because the simple smell that is felt in the streets, of freshly baked dough, fresh ingredients, and seeing happy people is the indication that you are close to this place.

wanna pizza in puerto morelos

My Paradise Beach Club

One of the best beach clubs you can find in Puerto Morelos is My paradise beach club. For its synergy between quality, cost, and of course an incredible view of the sea.

my paradise beach club puerto morelos

Now that you know the 5 best restaurants in Puerto Morelos, you cannot miss visiting this magnificent fishing village, and stay a few days at Casa del Puerto Hotel. Are you ready to pamper your palate?

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